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We believe there are no mistakes in art!

Christina Baumgartner is originally an East Coaster who has made stops in multiple states before transplanting to beautiful San Diego with her family in 2012. She has two boys and a dog and loves exploring the beauty of nature in San Diego and all around! 


Christina earned an elementary education degree from the University of Maryland and has 6 years of classroom teaching experience. Art and creativity has been a consistent love and passion in her life and she is excited to share it with others. 

Kim Vaccaro has a long standing passion for art of all kinds. From creating her own greeting cards at the age of 5, to getting a degree at the University of Missouri in advertising and graphic design. She then continued to use her creativity in the advertising world for 12 years in Los Angeles.


In 2012 Kim moved to San Diego with her husband and two kids. As a stay at home mom she volunteered in classrooms to teach art, did local set design and is now inspiring our younger generations to become strategic and critical thinkers through her no mistakes philosophy.

As instructors we hold your children's education and safety in the highest regard. We are accredited in early childhood development and are finger print cleared through FBI Lifescan. Additionally we carry our own liability insurance. 

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